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Frequently Asked Questions

Minnesota Max Girls Basketball Program Team
Minnesota Max Girls Basketball Program Team

How much does it cost?

Season Fees go as follows:

4th-5th Grade: $450

6th-8th Grade: $525

9th-11th Grade: $650 plus uniform

Who can play for The Max?

The ultimate goal of the Minnesota MAX is to build to be an elite program in Minnesota. But we believe that being an "elite program" does not mean only elite athletes.  We want to build a program and offer competitive teams at all grade levels.  We want every player and team to see some success!!

Does everyone make a team?

Even though we offer a range of teams this does not guarantee every person who tries out a spot on a team. Cuts are made as coaches see fit to form the most competitive team. 

Who are the coaches?

When hiring coaches for the Minnesota MAX the first question we ask is "who would I want to coach my daughter?" 


We look for coaches who will work the kids hard but also let them have fun.  They need to have a solid knowledge of the game of basketball and also be able to break it down to their level.  We are very lucky to have found some fabulous people who are willing and able to push these kids and make them better basketball players!!  If you have specific questions about credentials of a specific coach please let us know, and we will be happy to elaborate.

When does the season start and end?

The 2024 season will begin mid/late March and run through either the beginning or end of June depending on age.

Where do we practice?

For the 2024 season we have been lucky to partner with the Andover Community Center as our Home Gym!! Most practices will be held here but there will be some practices held at schools in the Andover/Coon Rapids/Blaine area. 

Where can I find my practice schedule?

The Max uses the App "Team Snap" for team communication and scheduling. Practice schedules and tournament schedules will be available once teams have been formed.

Is there a uniform cost?

For grades 4-8, The Max has a supply of uniforms that each player borrows for the season. A $100 uniform deposit is collected at the beginning of the season. As long as the uniform is returned then the deposit check is destroyed. For our High School teams, each player will purchase their uniform. The cost will be approximately $100 for the uniform.  All players do receive a shooting shirt to keep. 

Where are the tournaments held?

For our 4th-5th grade teams, they will play 5 tournaments and all will be in or around the metro area. 

Our 6th-8th grade teams will 5 local tournaments and 1 out of state tournaments

Our high school teams will play 6 local tournaments and 2 out of state tournaments. 

Minnesota Max Offseason Youth Girls Basketball Training Program
Minnesota Max Offseason Youth Girls Basketball Training Camp
Minnesota Max Offseason Youth Girls Basketball Training Program
Minnesota Max Offseason Youth Girls Basketball Training Camp

Do you still have questions?

Check out our FAQ page or send us an email!

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