Frequently Asked Questions

Burning Questions Answered Here

How much does it cost?

The cost of a 4 Tournament Spring Season in 2022 will be $365.  This fee will cover gym rentals, tournament fees, insurance, coaches pay, etc. 

Who can play for The Max?

The ultimate goal of the Minnesota MAX is to build to be an elite program in Minnesota. But we believe that being an "elite program" does not mean only elite athletes.  We want to build a program and offer teams at all levels.  We will strive to make teams for anyone interested in playing and search for tournaments that are best suited for each individual teams ability, whether it be at an A+ level or a C level.  We want every player and team to see some success!!

Who are the coaches?

When hiring coaches for the Minnesota MAX the first question we ask is "who do I want to coach my daughter?"  We look for coaches who will work the kids hard but also let them have fun.  They need to have a solid knowledge for the game of basketball and also be able to break it down to their level.  We are very lucky to have found some fabulous people who are willing and able to push these kids and make them better basketball players!!  If you have specific questions as for credentials of a specific coach please let us know, we will be happy to elaborate.

When does the season start?/End?

Tryouts for the 2022 season are scheduled for February 28th and March 1st.  The season will begin the week of March 21st and run through the beginning of June.